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Dinosaur Valley
State Park

In 1908 a devastating and epic flood washed through Paluxy. It washed out all the bridges, but also scoured the local riverbed. A year later a nine-year-old boy named George Adams discovered something in that same riverbed. He found large, three toed tracks bigger than any local or non local animal around. George Adams had stumbled upon the tracks of a Theropod, a carnivorous bi-pedal dinosaur of the Triassic period. It soon became a local sensation. 20 years later fossil collector R. T. Bird discovered not only Theropod tracks, but sauropod tracks. It was the very first discovery and proof that Sauropods walked on land.

This precious 1,587 acre site was made a park in 1972 with a mission to preserve its dinosaur track sites and to share them with visitors as a learning experience. Today visitors can learn about these tracks through the parks various Ranger Programs as well as visiting the five main track site areas mapped on the park. Guests can also camp, picnic, hike, mountain bike, swim, and fish within the park. 

A particular popular activity in the park is Geocaching. Geocaching is a treasure hunt of sorts.